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We live in the communities we serve, which provides us with a unique and in-depth perspective. Using innovative and relational tools, we always go above and beyond to connect you with the best options. We have more experience and more local knowledge than any other team in our community.

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Through the connection to Leading Real Estate Companies of the World,® we market our properties to a targeted audience by leveraging the highly traf cked websites of over 500 top local real estate brokerages and the connections of 120,000 associates in over 50 countries. Our network introduces over 30,000 home buyers and sellers moving from market to market annually – more than any other real estate organization and a benefcial source of buyers that is unmatched by any other network.

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Barbara McCall

Barbara McCall is one of the most Respected real estate agents in Huntington Beach. She has been selling real estate since 1984. She originally worked for Cayman Development, the builders of SeaCliff on the Greens. After the project sold out she quickly moved to First Team and now with Star Real Estate SeaCliff. Her Loyalty to the SeaCliff Communities has made her the #1 agent, selling more homes in SeaCliff than any other agent.

Autumn McCall

Autumn McCall is a very proud resident of Huntington Beach. "I am born and raised here, this is my town!" She traveled to Arizona and graduated from Arizona State. Autumn joined her mother in 2003. "Selling Real Estate is fun! I get the opportunity to help people find were they are going to live, raise their families and have the opportunity to enjoy this town as much as I do."

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